Daniel Lamarre – What I never travel without

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How Daniel Lamarre Travels

Daniel Lamarre is the President and CEO of the Canadian entertainment company Cirque du Soleil. As head of a global entertainment institution renowned for its theatrical creativity, Daniel balances Cirque du Soleil’s commercial agenda with its artistic integrity, and his groundbreaking negotiations have seen the circus making deals with the Beatles and Michael Jackson’s estate, as well as expanding into China. Though his business outlook and travel schedule are as international as it gets, Daniel’s roots are very much in his little Quebec hometown of Grand-Mère. We caught up with Daniel to find out about the packing habits of a Canadian entertainment mastermind.

What kind of bags do you travel with?

Your suitcase

My carry-on bag, always, as the duration of my stay in each city is effectively and efficiently short.

Your personal bag

My soft leather briefcase (1), for reading material and personal items.
Tell us about three essentials you always bring with you…

An item of clothing

It is important for me to ensure some workout time, so I always bring my workout clothes (2).

An accessory

A black T-shirt (3).

A grooming product

A Tom Ford grooming kit (4) is my favorite.

What tech do you take with you on you on your travels?

My iPhone (5) and iPad (6) for access to my PressReader account.

What do you read on your travels?

Internal business documents and presentations (7), as well as additional information required for my destination, in preparation for my meetings.

What’s the one thing you’d NEVER travel without?

Breath mints (8).

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