Crystal Partners with Peninsula Hotels for Inaugurual Luxury AirCruise

By Tully Luxury Travel in Cruise Professionals on

What could be better than flying around the globe in first-class luxury? Doing it in Crystal style, of course.

Bookings are now available for the first-ever Crystal AirCruise, which will take off from New York on August 31, 2017. Guests on the 27-day exclusive journey will touch down in 10 hand-selected locations around the world, including Tokyo, Paris and Bangkok.

Partnering with Crystal on this inaugural journey is another big name in ultra-luxury travel — The Peninsula Hotels.

In the air, guests will enjoy Crystal’s distinct brand of catered service; on the ground, the Peninsula team takes over, offering travelers 5-star accommodations and culture-rich, tailored experiences.

The partnership between Crystal and Peninsula is a discerning traveler’s dream come true, as both companies are known for providing a superior standard of hospitality.

As one would expect, guests will be treated to exclusive events throughout the trip, such as private galas and celebrations, and given many opportunities to immerse themselves into local cultural. At each destination, travelers can customize their own excursions, creating one-of-a-kind experiences.

With its new AirCruise offering, Crystal is redefining luxury air travel. AirCruises go beyond first-class to offer travelers access to a private tour aircraft equipped with everything one could desire: an onboard restaurant with an executive chef, a SkyeCellar with more than 300 world-class vintages and fully reclining, handcrafted sleeper seats.

Crystal AirCruises’ maiden journey reservations are now available, starting at $159,000 USD per person. As Crystal Cruises’ Largest Producing Agency Worldwide since 2000, and as an exclusive member of the Pen Club, Tully Luxury Travel would be delighted to help you plan your trip. Learn more by contacting a Travel Designer today.