Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, one adventure at a time

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2017 marks Canada’s 150th year. To celebrate, we’ve compiled five incredible Canadian adventures to help you live and breathe the best of Canada. 

Western Canada

A landscape of thickly forested hills, deep fjords and charming villages; here you’ll find water-loving people who can’t wait to take you fishing, sailing or kayaking.

• There’s no better way to experience the diversity and majesty of the Rocky Mountains than by train. Aboard Canada’s iconic Rocky Mountaineer, guests indulge in B.C. Okanagan wine and Salt Spring Island cheese while taking in stunning stretches of apple green lakes, snowcapped mountains, Poplars, Birches and Pines. Expect to see eagles, elks and if you’re lucky, the odd grizzly bear.

Photo credit: Rocky Mountaineer

Central Canada

From the rich forests and wide-open prairies of Saskatchewan, to the great lakes of Manitoba, the Central Provinces boast more unforgettable vistas.

• Often described as the Everest of sailing, cruising the glacial seascapes of the Northwest Passage is nothing short of awesome. Crystal Cruise’s Crystal Serenity offers a 32-night cruise from Anchorage Alaska into Canadian waters, on to Greenland, and the US coast, and finishing in Rhode Island. Fishing, hiking, kayaking and whale watching are all on the agenda. You may even see a polar bear!

Photo Credit: EVC & Crystal Cruises

• For guaranteed polar bear sightings, it’s Churchill in Canada’s far north where you have to go. In December, the bears commune on the shoreline and wait for the Hudson Bay to freeze so seal catching can commence. A Tundra Buggy allows safe passage through the bear’s domain. Imagine polar bears frolicking under a sunset of sorbets colours. This is a photographer’s dream.

Photo credit: Francoise Gervais, Arctic Kingdom

Eastern Canada

In Eastern Canada, uniformity is unheard of. Adventure-seeking visitors head straight for the rugged coastline, which runs from the sweeping bays of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the south to the craggy, intricate shores of Newfoundland and Labrador in the north.

• When it’s 10 p.m. in New York, it’s 1825 on Fogo Island,” says the New York Times. Whether you’re hiking ancient food paths, fishing for cod or foraging for mushrooms and berries, time stands still on Fogo. The Fogo Island Inn is a beacon of modernity, but its inspirations are rooted in tradition. Isolated, rugged and breathtaking, this is a destination that belongs on every bucket lists.

• This could be the setting for a fairytale. Don’t be surprised if the Snow Queen appears at  the Hôtel de Glace with its themed ice sculptures, outdoor spas, ice slides and cocktails in ice glasses, this hotel, on the outskirts of charming Quebec city has enticed visitors for over 15 years. With a warm heart and a sense of adventure, this will no doubt be an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

Photo credit: Fogo Island Inn

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