Alexandra Talty: What I never travel without

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How Alexandra Talty Travels

Alexandra Talty is a freelance journalist based in Southampton, New York. A regular contributor to Forbes, Alexandra specializing in both travel and personal finance for its “Adventure Hacking” strand. Her work can take her anywhere from Manhattan to Kuwait, and she also writes on business and technology for publications and sites including Roads and Kingdoms, Publisher’s Weekly and New York news outlet DNAinfo. As a travel writer, Alexandra knows a thing or two about the practicalities of life on the road, so Tully Luxury Travel caught up with her to get an insight into the travel packing tips of a globetrotting journalist.

What kind of bags do you travel with?

I travel with a black Kipling roller duffle as my suitcase. It is small enough to qualify as a carry-on, but I can stuff it with extra clothes and toiletries for longer trips. I’ve had it for four years and it looks as good as new, despite being shuttled all over the Middle East, the Caribbean and the U.S. If I am traveling for work, I likely have my laptop, notebooks and DSLR camera so for my personal bag, I’ll opt for an over-the-shoulder bag or a backpack (1). The glamorous life of a freelance journalist!

Tell us about three essentials you always bring with you…

An item of clothing

I always bring a scarf. For the past few years, it has been a cream keffiyeh (2) that I picked up in Kuwait. Since it is larger than a typical scarf, it can double as a blanket, pillow and even a towel.

An accessory

An external battery pack for my cell phone (3). When I’m out working on a story, there are not necessarily outlets available to recharge – especially if I am outside the U.S. My phone is a crucial part of reporting; I can’t tell you the amount of times an external battery pack has saved me.

A grooming or beauty product

Contact lens fluid (4). I’ve lost hours of my life trying to track this stuff down.

What tech do you take with you on vacation?

I wish this wasn’t true, but I nearly always bring my laptop (5), phone and camera (6). Since I write about travel, I often tack work trips on at the beginning or end of my vacations. My goal in 2017 is to have at least one tech-free trip.

What do you read when traveling?

I am a total bookworm, so this is a tricky question. Sometimes I’ll pack books that match where I am going, either in topic or author. If it is a relaxing vacation, I’ll often bring at least one big book that I’ve wanted to read for a while, but needed the time to soak it in. Recently that was Colson Whitehead’s “The Underground Railroad” (7).  I also love mysteries, so I’ll usually bring at least one. They are great for planes.

What’s the one thing you’d NEVER travel without?

Something to read. When I do take a “real” vacation, I try to unplug. Nothing beats a good book. Or four.

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